Welcome to the New Zealand Rock Lobster Industry Council's Tag Tracker system. Tag Tracker is a web application that provides information on lobsters tagged under the New Zealand Rock Lobster Tag and Release Programme.

Recaptures of tagged lobsters are important to rock lobster stock assesssments. The NZ RLIC can provide you with amateur or commercial recapture reporting forms on request. Please phone 04 385 4005 to obtain these. Commercial rock lobster fishermen can obtain a complete Tag Recapture Kit on request to the NZ RLIC office or contact your CRAMAC representative.

When you provide a recapture report to NZ RLIC the data will be entered into the research database and you will be provided with a history of the previous release and recapture locations and sizes for that lobster via TagTracker. View an example of this report here

More information about the New Zealand rock lobster research and management programmes can be found on the NZ RLIC website www.nzrocklobster.co.nz